Camp fire stories

For me, one of the best memories of camp is sitting around the fire after dinner, making S’mores, and telling ghost stories and other tall tales. The firelight makes the night magical and it’s relaxing to sink back into your chair and share a fishing story from earlier in the day or just lie back and look up at the stars.

One of my favorite camp fire memories was last summer - listening to a local ghost story being told on Tupper Lake in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York, which of course ended with the kids pointing excitedly out over the lake. They were sure they could see a ghost in the mist forming off the lake!

There were also the college days when my girlfriend and I would sit around the camp fire talking about our futures. From my own youth, I remember one night the lights went out at camp and the entire lake went dark. The camp fire was the only light we had and someone told a scary story about a black bear. We stayed around the fire a long time that night because none of us kids wanted to venture up the long, dark stairs to bed!

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Posted June 2012