Slow down......

To me, CampFitters represents a visit back to a peaceful, time and place. A spot in the woods, in the home or in the mind where one can take time to breathe deep, notice, hear, and see. It's taking the time to notice the stars in the sky on a cool, clear night. Our culture has become so fast-paced, rushed, pressured, and isolated from each other! We don't talk anymore (we text!) and we sure don't listen. Our news has become right vs left, constant arguing, loss of mutual respect and an overall focus on the latest tragedy. Peace and quiet has almost grown to be seen as counter-culture. Yet peace and quiet is the life raft in the turbulent sea of life. Where is your favorite place to unwind and reconnect? Is it your camp, the lake, a place in the woods or your deck at home? Is it your neighbor's patio, a roof top, your boat, or a camp fire? I will bet it's not a conference call. What do you think? It's really nice out today. Take a minute to notice!

~ Dan Christmas, Owner of CampFitters and Campfire Maker Extraordinaire

Posted June 26, 2012