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Square Pie Iron - Cast Iron

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Square Pie Iron - Cast Iron Description

The classic, best selling Pie Iron loved by camp cookers throughout North America. The generous cooking cavity makes terrific sandwiches and desserts without wasting bread. Solid cast iron design holds up to the rigors of the campfire. 49 years of experience go into this model. Measures: 4 ¼" x 4 ½" Head; 28" overall length. Weight: 3.10 lbs.

In its most basic function, a pie iron is a way to cook grilled cheese sandwiches and fruit pies over a campfire. This is done by placing the food (in the above cases, two pieces of buttered bread with cheese or fruit filling) inside a cooking compartment formed by two metal casting that hook together using a hinge. Metal rods with wood handles extend from the castings so the user can easily maneuver the pie iron over a campfire. A few minutes over the heat and a perfectly toasted sandwich or pie emerges from the cooker. What the pie iron really does is bring together family and friends around the campfire.